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your challenges

Do you lack clarity & direction?

Does your company or department lack direction and need to identify strategies and priorities for the future? Do you need to adjust your plans in response to the changing environment?


Are you an executive leader full of ideas and projects you want to implement but you don’t have the time or mental space to think them through strategically?

Are you starting up a new business and need to be more clear on your direction and how to get your ideas off the ground?  Or are you a young professional looking for career guidance?  

Do you need to better align & mobilise
your team and resources?

Are you a team leader struggling to align and mobilise your different departments, programs or activities? 


Do you need to improve teamwork and communication in your workplace? Do you need help to inspire and motivate your staff around a common vision? 


Does your team lack commitment and initiative?  Do you need help to challenge them to take more ownership of their work?  Do you want to find ways to link their strengths and personal goals with those of the company?  

Are you the CEO of a large company frustrated that your senior managers don’t take initiative and are not delivering the kind of results you expect of them?


Do you wish you or your staff were better at planning, coordinating, implementing and monitoring activities?  Do you need to improve teamwork and communication in the workplace?


Are you struggling to manage time?  Do you need to learn how to better prioritise and make decisions?  

Do you wish you could lead & manage 
your team and activities better?
Do you feel stuck or overwhelmed

Are you a leader seeking clarity on your purpose?   Do you feel alone and overwhelmed in your leadership role?


Are you struggling to manage your time and resources effectively?  Do you have a task or activity that you can’t face and keep putting off?


Do you have a great business idea but you have no idea how to get it off the ground?  Or have you already started your own business but you’re feeling overwhelmed by everything you need to do to be successful? 

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Hello, I am Ida Grum, the founder of Mbele Consult.


I love to

  • work with people

  • facilitate strategic reflection & dialogue

  • challenge teams & individuals to dream bigger & better

  • align & mobilise groups around a common vision or goal

  • build leadership & management skills

  • develop high-performing & results oriented teams

  • inspire purpose & commitment in the workplace

  • bring clarity to an idea, concept or discussion

  • empower others to face challenges & achieve results

  I love what I do!

My passion is to inspire, empower and build your leadership and management capacity to

face challenges and overcome obstacles so that you can successfully achieve your desired goals. 

Mbele is the Swahili word for “forward.”  My purpose is to help you move forward to be your professional best. 

Our Servuces
Mbele can help you!

With 20+ years experience working with individuals and teams from private companies, public institutions and non-governmental organisations, I have gained extensive skills in designing, planning, delivering and monitoring capacity development and performance improvement programs to strengthen your strategies, leadership skills and management systems.  


Mbele Consult can

  • custom design a variety of leadership and management training and/or coaching programs for senior and/or mid-level managers of private companies, public institutions and non-governmental organisations;

  • help you develop your long-term strategic plan and break it down into annual or departmental implementation and monitoring and evaluation plans that are linked to individual performance plans and indicators;

  • can help you successfully design, plan and facilitate high-stake meetings that will help ensure you do your best work and learning together; engage in open, purposeful and meaningful dialogue; strategise and integrate different ideas; all the while building trust and managing expectations;

  • provide individual and/or team coaching options such as executive leadership coaching, entrepeneurial strategy coaching and career visioning coaching.

Get in touch with me

Thank you for your interest in Mbele Consult. 

I will do my best to respond within 24 hrs. 


If not, please feel free to contact me directly.

+254 (0)727 494 878

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