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Do you need to better align & mobilise your team & resources?

aligning and inspiring your team

Are you a team leader struggling to align and mobilise your different departments, programs or activities?  Do you lack teamwork and communication across your departments? 


Either through a team visioning exercise or a team coaching process, I can help you align your programs and activities around an inspiring common vision and ensure congruence of your values, mission, strategies, structure and management systems.  I can help you clarify roles and responsibilities and mobilise your staff to jointly plan, communicate and share information, support each other and provide constructive feedback.

planning and monitoring for results

Are you struggling to lead and manage a large and complex project with multiple teams?  Do you need help ensuring your team is working in a coordinated and efficient way to achieve your desired results?

Let me facilitate the development of a joint annual implementation and monitoring and evaluation (M&E) plan, which is owned by your team, clearly defining the timeline, persons responsible, resources needed and can be monitored and measured with clear performance and progress indicators.  

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engaging, aligning and mobilising your stakeholders

Do you need to engage, align and mobilise your stakeholders around a new project or idea?  Would you like to bring a group together to brainstorm new ideas and solutions?  Do you have a high-stake meeting you're struggling to organise?    

Whatever your need, I can help you design, plan and facilitate successful high-stake meetings that will help ensure you do your best work and learning together; engage in open, purposeful and meaningful dialogue; strategise and integrate different ideas; all the while building trust and managing expectations. 


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