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Meeting Design & Facilitation

visioning, strategising & planning

Visioning is one the most powerful processes I’ve witnessed helping organisations and individuals get the results they want.  A vision is a mental picture of the desired result you want to achieve.  A powerful vision inspires action and pulls in ideas, people and other resources.  Once you have a clear vision, you can begin to strategise and plan how you will achieve your vision.  Without first having a clear and compelling vision, you will get lost in the "how" and hold yourself back.  

Through a facilitated process, I can help you and your team create a powerful and compelling vision for your organisation or department which will create the energy needed to make change happen and inspire you and your team to commit, persist and give your best.  I can help you develop your overall strategy, ensuring that your team and stakeholders are looking in the same direction, working toward common and shared objectives and talking the same language.  I can help you plan how to do this, monitor progress and evaluate whether or not, or to what extent, you have achieved your desired vision.  


brainstorming new ideas or solutions

Brainstorming is a process, through a collaborative team effort, by which new ideas and strategies are created to solve a problem or to reach a goal.  Through a facilitated process, I can help bring out the diverse views or ideas of your team, inspire you to engage in open and purposeful dialogue and strategise and integrate your different ideas to create a superior, shared idea.

engaging, aligning & mobilising your stakeholders

Engaging, aligning and mobilising your stakeholders is crucial to the success of any organisation.  Stakeholders are individuals or groups who have a stake in your work, both internally and externally to your organisation.  This includes those who can affect, and are affected, by what you're doing in positive or negative ways.  Stakeholder engagement and stakeholder management are arguably the most important ingredients in successful implementation and yet are often regarded as a fringe activity.


I can help you design, plan and facilitate stakeholder engagement meetings to align them around your vision and to mobilise them to support your objectives, all the while building trust and managing expectations. 


Mbele Consult can help you successfully design, plan and facilitate high-stake meetings.


It is difficult to elicit participants’ best thinking when a meeting is designed and led by one of the key decision makers.  In fact, in some cases this could create a conflict of interest. I can help you design and plan a program which creates an experience and dialogue beyond just a series of tasks, creates trust, engages and incorporates all stakeholders' perspectives and inspires and mobilises commitment and ownership leading to more innovative and sustainable solutions. 


Even the best plans can easily be side-lined by participant anxieties or emotions leading to unproductive group interactions. 

As a trained and experienced facilitator, I can help navigate complex group dynamics to ensure a productive meeting outcome. 


Whether you need to align stakeholders around a new vision or project or brainstorm new ideas and solutions, I can help you design, plan and facilitate successful high-stake meetings that will help ensure you do your best work and learning together; 

engage in open, purposeful and meaningful dialogue; strategise and integrate different ideas; all the while building trust and managing expectations. 

Request mbele to help you

design, plan & facilitate your

high-stake meetings

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