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Mbele Consult can help you develop your long-term strategic plan and break it down into annual or departmental implementation and monitoring and evaluation plans that are linked to individual performance plans and indicators. 

Vision without action is just fantasising and action without vision is a waste of time.  Good planning involves both vision (strategy) and action (implementation). Planning is the act of envisioning possibilities open to the organisation, as well as the development of the structure, procedures and operations needed to achieve the vision.

long term strategic plans

A Strategic Plan, usually 3-5 years, defines the organisation's  purpose (mission), clarifies what you want to achieve (vision) and outlines how you are going to get there (plan).  Strategic Planning is however, more than just a document that articulates where an organisation is going and the actions needed to get there. 

Through a facilitated strategic planning process which promotes an open and creative exchange of ideas, I can help your organisation create buy-in at all levels, align and mobilise employees and key stakeholders around common goals, define and set priorities, establish agreement around intended outcomes/results, focus employee's energy and resources, strengthen operations and systems, and assess and adjust your organisation's direction in response to the changing environment.

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Strategic Planning & Management

implementation, monitoring & evaluation plans


To successfully move from vision to action, a strategic plan should be readily translatable into an implementable plan that can be monitored and evaluated.  I can help you and your team breakdown your long term strategic plan (usually 3-5 years) into an annual plan with concrete objectives with a clearly defined timeline and the human and financial resources needed to achieve your objectives.   Your implementation plan will be expressed in day-to-day terms broken into monthly or quarterly periods and will include a monitoring and evaluation plan with clearly defined progress indicators and mechanisms for monitoring, control and feedback.  

performance management plans & indicators

By measuring, we bring awareness to whatever it is that we’re measuring, which usually is the first step towards solving a challenge.  In order to ensure employees are implementing the plans and to measure if they are performing well and achieving desired results, you need to link implementation plans to individual and/or team performance plans with key performance indicators (KPIs).  Through a combination of a joint planning and individual coaching process, I can help you incorporate KPIs into your business by setting and measuring personal targets for individual staff members or teams, ensuring that your management KPIs are linked to the overall business objectives and that they measure areas that will influence the success of the business and indicate areas requiring further action. 

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you develop your vision, strategise, plan and monitor your activities & performance.  

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