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Leadership Training & Development

Mbele Consult offers a variety of leadership and management development training and coaching programs designed for entrepreneurs and senior and/or mid-level managers of private companies, public institutions and non-governmental organisations.    


standard programs

Mbele offers six standard programs, described below in more detail.  Four of these are short leadership trainings that can be offered either face-to-face or online and to individuals or to teams.  The other two are more comprehensive training and coaching programs: one a 4-month online leadership coaching program for individuals and the other a 6-month face-to-face leadership development and performance improvement process for teams.  


tailor-made programs

Based on your specific training needs, I can also develop a tailor-made program for you.  I can design anything from a half-day training seminar focussed on a specific management issue (eg. effective communication, prioritisation, delegation, etc.) to a 6-month comprehensive leadership and management training development and coaching program that addresses your specific needs.  

Mbele's Standard Leadership Training & Development Programs


Leading for Results 

is an introductory training offered both face-to-face and online and for individuals as well as for teams.

It introduces participants to key leading and managing practices and provides a framework to understand how they impact team performance and organisational results. 


Leading with Intent.png

s a 4-month comprehensive online leadership development and coaching program designed for individuals to better lead and achieve their desired results.


The program, which consists of 8 modules, offers 3 different packages:

1) Standard

2) Basic

3) Premium


Leading with Intent 



Maximizing Performance

is a 6-month leadership development and performance improvement process geared towards teams.

It focuses on improving the work culture, team interactions and management systems  in order to improve overall performance and organisational results.


Inspiring Commitment.png

is a workshop on how to develop a high-performing and results oriented team.

It provides you, as a team leader, with simple tools and approaches on how to lead, challenge, empower, inspire and motivate your team for greater performance and commitment.



Inspiring Commitment 


Nurturing Relationships.png

Nurturing Relationships 

is a workshop on emotional and social intelligence.  

This workshop helps you, as a leader or manager, become more self-aware and provides you with practical tools to help you manage your own emotions; recognise the  emotions of others and better manage your interactions and relationships more effectively.


Engaging in Dialogue.png

is a training on how to engage and mobilise your key stakeholders to either contribute to or support your organisational goals. 

It provides simple tools on how to align your key stakeholders around a common vision; incorporate their interests and concerns and facilitate dialogue for greater commitment. 


Engaging in Dialogue 


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