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Mbele Consult offers custom designed leadership and management development programs to executive directors, senior and/or mid-level managers of private companies, public institutions and non-governmental organisations.    


Based on your specific training needs, I can design anything from a half-day training seminar focussed on a specific management issue (eg. effective communication, prioritisation, delegation, etc.) to a 6-month comprehensive leadership and management training development and coaching program.   

comprehensive leadership training and coaching program

My comprehensive training programs are built on the premise that leadership and management skills are best learned over time through practical training and direct application whilst focusing on achieving tangible results.  Depending on your specific needs, the comprehensive leadership training and coaching program consists of 6-10 days of training spread over a 4-6 month period supported by on-site team coaching sessions in-between.  

In the training sessions, participants are introduced to leadership and management practices and simple tools and resources to better lead and manage their teams, resources, systems and activities.  Participants, grouped into teams, will select a performance or systems improvement process to work on and set a measurable target to achieve within the program's timeframe.  Through this approach, participants have an opportunity to directly apply what they are learning (in the training sessions) to a real life challenge they are facing (their leadership project) and receive continuous feedback and support (through on-site team coaching sessions). 


As a result, the participants learn to address challenges by aligning and mobilising their team, systems, and resources (human, financial, etc) to achieve tangible results.  It is through the process of working together on their leadership projects that you begin to see a shift from managers working in isolation to communicating better and working more effectively in teams; from a culture of blaming others to being more proactive and taking responsibility; and from working in crisis mode to planning and working purposefully towards tangible results.

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leadership and management seminars


Depending on your specific needs, I can design anything from a half day to a 3-day leadership and management seminar.  Below are some examples of the kind of topics and issues that the leadership training seminars could address:

  • Visioning and strategising for the future

  • Scanning and understanding your internal & external environment

  • Recognising your client and other stakeholders' needs and priorities

  • Facing challenges, overcoming obstacles and finding lasting solutions

  • Linking goals with strategy and performance

  • Planning, monitoring and evaluating activities

  • Managing and monitoring individual and team performance

  • Developing and managing high-performing teams

  • Customer relations and management

  • Time management, prioritising and delegating

  • Problem solving and decision making

  • Effective communication and teamwork

  • Responsibility, accountability and authority

  • Inspiring and motivating your staff

  • Providing challenge, feedback and support

  • Modelling creativity and innovation

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