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Do you wish you could lead & manage your team & activities better?

leading and managing for results

Are you the CEO of a large company frustrated that your senior or mid-level managers don’t take initiative and are not delivering the kind of results you expect of them?  Do they lack basic leading and managing skills?


Do you wish you or your staff were better at planning, coordinating, implementing and monitoring activities?  Do you need to improve teamwork and communication in the workplace?  Are you struggling to manage time?  Do you need to learn how to better prioritise and make decisions?  

Let me custom design a comprehensive leadership development training and coaching program addressing the challenges listed below or a short 1 to 3-day seminar on select topics based on your specific needs.  

improving communication and inspiring teamwork 

Do you need to improve teamwork and communication in the workplace?  Does your team lack commitment and initiative?  Do you need help to challenge them to take more ownership of their work?  Do you face communication breakdowns on a regular basis? 

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Either through a 1-3 day seminar, through a team coaching session or a combination of both, I can help you create a high-performing, invigorating and engaging team that is clear on its purpose, working towards a common vision, challenging and supporting each other and coordinating and communicating more effectively to achieve the desired results.

planning, prioritising and monitoring more effectively 

Do you wish you and your team were better at planning, coordinating, implementing and monitoring activities?  Are you struggling to manage time, prioritise and make decisions?   

Let me help facilitate and build your skills to develop an annual implementation and monitoring and evaluation (M&E) plan, owned by all involved and clearly defining the timeline, assigning responsibilities, identifying resources needed and linking activities to key performance indicators. 

engaging, aligning and mobilising your key stakeholders

Are you struggling to engage and mobilise your key stakeholders?  Do you wish they were more responsive and supportive to you and your team?     


Through a short seminar or team coaching session, let me help you identify who your key stakeholders are and help you understand their goals, interests and concerns in order to engage better with them.  Or let me facilitate a visioning exercise with your key stakeholders to align them around a common goal, build their trust and mobilise their commitment and support.  

managing and monitoring individual and team performance

Are you struggling to effectively manage individual and team performance?  Do you need help linking organisational or departmental plans to individual plans?  Do you lack key performance indicators that are realistic, measurable and motivate your staff?  

Through a facilitated planning process, I can help you develop clear departmental/team goals that support and contribute to the company-wide business strategies.  I can help you further break this down into individual performance plans with key performance indicators that inspire and motivate the employees to do their best.  

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